Monday, August 17, 2009

The power of God through Rev. Roy Durman.

A band played and sang praises to God as they all awaited the arrival of Rev. Roy Durman.

Here's Rev. Roy Durman at the mike.

The reverend addressed the crowd with the help of a Mandarin speaker and a Tamil speaker.

Rev. Roy Durman knealing down to heal.

Woman pushing her own wheelchair.

A video showing Rev. Roy Durman in a wheelchair being pushed by the woman God cured.

A scene at Healing Rally.

A man unconscious as God's healing takes place.

A band playing christian songs in praise of God. Was I in the right place? There were so many Indians around. Nevertheless, I parked my car and walked ot one of the parking attendants to enquire if it was a Christian function in which a Rev. Roy Durman was to appear to get Jesus to heal the sick. The man confirmed it.

I had just heard about this faith healing that morning and wanted to witness such an occassion. Actually, this is not the first time I have known a faith healer because one of my uncles was a faith healer. I shall tell you his story in another posting. It was a healing rally at Sin Kwang Chinese Primary School at Bakar Arang in Sungai Petani, Kedah. According to the information gathered, Rev. Roy Durman would be there for three nights and this was the last night.

The person who told me about this faith healing had told me the blind will get to see, the crippled will get to walk and the deaf will get to hear. It was something i just had to see. I cancelled all other appointments.

I went early to be assured of a seat as near to the stage as possible so that I could photograph and see clearly all that was to take place. There was a band playing modern Christian songs which I was not familiar with as church hymns in the 1970's were different with the likes of 'Amazing Grace'.

Then, three persons, each through either English, Mandarin or Tamil, addressed the crowd and welcome everyone to witness the healing power of God through Rev. Roy Durman. A little later, Rev. Roy Durman and his wife were welcome onto the stage. The reverend told the crowd of the previous day's healing and know that more would be healed that night. More songs were sung in praise of God. From the crowd, the reverend asked for those who had migraine or head tumour to go onto the stage. He told them those who believe in Jesus will be saved. Believe and they can be saved.

There were about eight such cases and the reverend told them it was not him but god who would heal them. as he touched each of them by the shoulders, they fell backwards unconscious, helped to the floor by some Christian assistants. Then a piece of cloth was placed on each body. Next, the reverend returned to bend down on each body and held and shook the head. This apparently awaken the person and the person claim to be cured upon being asked how he/she felt. Apparently, they were cured by Jesus. After that those who came in wheel-chairs were able to walk. The reverend even got one of the recovered old ladies to push him around in her wheel-chair just to let the crowd see that she could walk.

Finally, those with eye problems such as cataracts and one case with a peirced retina due to an accident were apparently cured. If those people were truly cured of their sicknesses, then I must admit that miraculous healing did take place that night. I certainly am interested to know more about Rev. Roy Durman and the fantastic miraculous healing that took place that night.


  1. You can try this:

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